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What to Look For in an Auto Lead Provider

Posted on: March 14th, 2012 by credit

Aside from employing Internet marketing strategies to generate auto leads, car dealers can also opt to seek the services of an auto lead provider.  Lead providers or lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads can do the marketing efforts for the dealership which often take up most of a car dealer’s time.  Apparently, lead generation companies make it easier for car dealers to run their dealership and allow them to focus more on making more sales.  However, car dealers have to be cautious when selecting the lead provider that they will be working with.  Not all lead companies provide good leads from which car dealers can make money.  Car dealers should ensure that they only work with a reputable lead provider that sells quality leads.

The conversion rate is more important than the price.  Cheap leads are useless if most of them would not convert into sales.  Car dealers should rather buy expensive leads with high conversion rate which will give them a good return on investment.  High converting leads are quality leads.  Car dealers should also choose a lead provider that delivers leads almost real time.  The faster the leads are delivered, the more time and chances a car dealer has in making more sales.  Moreover, if leads are delivered immediately, car dealers would not lose the interest of the leads.  Car dealers should make sure that their prospective auto lead provider sells fresh and recent leads.  Car dealers would also have to ask the lead provider about how it generates leads.  The lead generation techniques used by lead providers and how these are executed affect the quality of leads they generate.  For example, if Internet marketing strategies are used abusively, it will only produce bad leads who are not really interested in buying a car but were just lured to sign up or submit an application form.  These leads would most likely not convert into sales.  Car dealers should also know if the lead provider is getting leads from a third party.  Although this is not illegal, car dealers have to make sure that they check the quality of the leads that the lead provider gets from the third party.

Car dealers have to also make sure that the auto lead provider has a return policy.  This secures them  for instances where they would receive leads with insufficient contact information.  Reputable lead companies are also prone to commit such mistakes.  A good lead provider acknowledges that the blame is on them if the car dealers received bad leads and car dealers deserve their money back.

Before finally deciding on which auto lead provider to choose, car dealers would have to do some research about their prospective lead companies and compare their prices.  Good lead companies really help car dealers rev up their revenues.

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