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Taking Calls from Auto Finance Leads

Posted on: March 9th, 2012 by credit



Sometimes, car dealers would not receive any more responses from auto finance leads after they have replied to their queries.  This leaves them clueless as to what has happened to the auto leads—their potential sales.  When a response takes too long, car dealers should consider calling up the lead.  However, there are proper ways in communicating with the lead via telephone.

Auto finance leads would get turned off if the first call that they will be receiving from the car dealer is sales talk.  This is not at all a step closer to turn the lead into a sale.  On the first phone call, car dealers can start by verifying the lead’s information.  It is important that they do not promote their offer yet or sell right away.  The goal of the call should be to know what hinders the lead from making a decision and offering some help.  Car dealers should give a friendly and sincere impression by politely asking about the lead’s concerns.  This would make the lead feel more comfortable to open up.  Car dealers can also appear as an expert by offering alternatives or suggesting solutions to address the lead’s concerns.  Car dealers should not also forget to always invite the lead to come over the dealership’s office and check out their lot for available car models and other offers.  They could also set up an appointment to effectively and clearly negotiate.


If a car dealer gets a phone call from a lead without him or her contacting the lead first, it is important that they ask for the complete contact information of the caller before letting him or her go.  This is to ensure the authenticity of the caller.  Car dealers should also be careful not to discuss too much details about their offers over the phone as they can never be sure if the caller is a real lead or merely someone spying on the dealership.

Approved Auto Leads provide their clients with complete contact information of auto finance leads which are verified for authenticity before being delivered to car dealers.  This allows car dealers to contact real leads.

Doing a follow up this way does not guarantee that when done successfully, the leads will turn into a sale.  It could still take several calls before they can finally decide whether to take the offer or not.  Car dealers should never give up on following up their leads unless the lead has already bought a car or just declined the offer.  Sometimes, it really takes a long time before a lead can finally decide.  Car dealers should just be patient and diligent in pursuing auto finance leads.


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