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Marketing Auto Dealerships – Some Simple and Effective Internet Dealer Marketing Efforts

Posted on: March 25th, 2012 by credit


The Internet is advantageous and an effective tool for marketing auto dealerships.  Auto dealerships have become more competitive since they learned to employ Internet marketing strategies into promoting their dealership websites.  However, not all auto dealers are experts in implementing Internet marketing strategies effectively and properly.  Here are some of the easiest and most effective techniques that auto dealers can learn to execute in their dealership websites.

A website with just all text is dull and boring no matter how helpful and informative the content may be.  Auto dealers should put some photos and videos or any other kinds of graphics in their website to make it more attractive and interactive.  These resources also make the website more appealing to visitors.  When creating videos for the site, car dealers can make it promotional yet informative.  Visitors sometimes get turned off if all they can see in the website are just promotions.  The video must also be unique, interesting, catchy and entertaining.

Another effective technique for marketing auto dealerships is writing car reviews.  When auto dealers create a website, they often set up only the usual pages like home page, contact us, blog and FAQs.  Some do not realize that the attractiveness of a website to visitors is usually content-dependent rather than appearance-dependent.  Although the appearance can make a website appealing, it would not make a visitor stay or take action if the contents are not helpful.  Hence, auto dealers should strive for informative content like auto reviews.  People browse web pages to seek information.  Auto reviews are one of the most sought-after information that auto dealers should provide their visitors.  It is better if they will write about the vehicle models available in their lot.

In email marketing, auto dealers should make the messages personal in sending emails to leads.  This is better than preparing a template or just letting the auto responder do all the responding.  It is better for auto dealers to write the replies themselves and in their own words.  In this way, leads would find the dealer sincere and genuine.  Another way of making it personal is giving a friendly

Although the goal of this process is simple, the techniques used and the way to achieve SEO’s goal may be complicated and tedious.  Car dealers can always ask help from lead generation experts like Approved Auto Leads to help them accomplish SEO tasks.  Some simple SEO techniques that car dealers can do themselves are directory listing, article marketing and link building.



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