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How to Handle Special Finance Auto Leads

Posted on: March 6th, 2012 by credit


Special finance auto leads are information of people whose credit scores fell at the sub prime level.  These people could not get a decent auto loan offer from the traditional loan sources such as banks and credit unions because of their bad credit score.  Even if the situation of these leads are not pleasing, their existence is still beneficial to car dealers.

Car dealers would sometimes find it hard to meet their sales target.  One of the reasons for this is the indecisiveness and unwillingness to purchase of potential car buyers who have good credit scores.  Special finance auto leads, who have bad credit, are more willing and interested to buy a car than leads with good credit do.  They are also sometimes more serious about making a car purchase.

Special finance auto leads can be bought from lead generation companies and auto dealers and lenders who have rejected their application.  Car dealers can also use a variety of auto marketing strategies to generate special finance leads.  In managing these leads, they should have a separate department—for example, special finance department—who will handle such leads.  The staffs should be well-acquainted with the nature of sub prime borrowers or car buyers and their usual needs, concerns and demands.  Having an efficient and competent special finance department will indeed make special finance leads more effective in bringing more profit to the car dealership.

If car dealers would choose to buy special finance auto leads from lead providers like Approved Auto Leads, they should only buy from the best lead provider.  They should first check the track record of the company to somehow evaluate its credibility and reliability.  They should also find out how long has the lead provider been generating and selling special finance leads.  Car dealers should also know if the lead provider buys these leads from a third party, which is mostly the case.  If it does, they should make sure that it has a reliable and excellent screening and filtering system to ensure the quality of the leads they get.  Moreover, a good lead provider should first screen a special finance auto lead thoroughly before sending it to the car dealer.  The screening process should be more intensive than with regular auto leads.

The availability of special finance leads in the automotive industry does not only benefit car dealers but also the special finance leads themselves.  As car dealers benefit from them, people with sub prime credit also benefit from car dealers who are buying special finance leads.  They have now increased chances of getting an auto loan and buying a car as car dealers reach out to them in determination to turn them into sales.

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