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How to Get Leads for Car Dealerships

Posted on: March 12th, 2012 by credit

There are various lead generation techniques available now that car dealers can use to promote their dealerships.  Although Internet marketing strategies have already been more popular and more effective than traditional techniques, there are still other techniques which car dealers can use to generate more leads.  Some offline and traditional techniques still work effectively in generating leads for car dealerships.  Here are a quick run through of some of those techniques that still work, including some traditional ones, in generating leads for car dealerships.

Telemarketing or cold calling still work these days.  However, it is no longer used by car dealers to randomly contact leads and to promote the dealership’s offers and ask if they might be interested.  Today, telemarketing is used supplement new lead generation techniques.  Car dealers often make phone calls to follow up the lead.  When contacting a lead, making a phone call is still more preferred than sending an email because it is more direct and personal.

Referral programs are also still used by some car dealers today.  This is one of the most effective lead generation techniques then as it involves personal and real testimonials.  Car dealers do this by offering an incentive to their existing clients who will be able to make a sale by referring the dealership’s offers to their family, friends or relatives.  The incentive will be a percentage from the sale, also called as commission.

Lead generation companies help car dealers generate more leads in a faster and easier way.  An example of a lead generation company, also called as lead providers, is Approved Auto Leads.  Lead providers are experts in executing marketing efforts to generate leads for car dealerships.  They test the authenticity and eligibility of lead they collect before delivering it to the car dealers.

Car dealers can also employ search engine optimization or SEO strategy in their websites.  This is the process of making a website appear at the first page of the search engine results to gain more exposure and attract more visitors.  When a car dealer’s website drive more traffic, it is more likely to make sales out of the visitors directed to it.  There are several SEO techniques that a car dealer can employ to drive more traffic to their website.  The dealership website also serves as conversion machine of visitors to leads and eventually to sales.

Not all traditional and offline lead generation techniques are ineffective.  Car dealers should still explore other marketing efforts other than Internet marketing strategies.  When both offline and online lead generation techniques are mastered by a car dealer, there is no question to how much leads he or she can generate.


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