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How Not to Lose Dealer Leads

Posted on: March 22nd, 2012 by credit


In many cases, car dealers get discouraged on pursuing a lead if the negotiation seems not to be going anywhere.  They tend to give up on working on that lead and just proceed with the other leads.  The advantage of this decision is that car dealers would be able to work on more leads and could even close more deals.  However, they might lose a sale by leaving a lead behind.

Car dealers should also understand car buyers.  Dealer leads may be really interested in and serious about buying a car.  However, they might have several concerns that keep them from making a decision immediately.  That is why, car dealers should not try to sell or promote at their first contact with them.  Instead, they should get to know these potential car buyers first to determine what kind of car and offer suit their needs.  If a prospect is taking too long to give an answer, car dealers should not give up on pursuing them until they make a decision.

They should be careful not to lose them as potential sales during this time by keeping them interested.  They can do this in many ways.  One is by sending them frequent emails and another is by making phone calls.  When sending emails, car dealers should keep the messages personal.  They should be conversational and not just mere prepared message.  Also, email messages should not just be about promotions and advertisements.  Good email contents to send to undecided dealer leads are announcements on special offers, discounts, new car models or special events, newsletters with helpful and fresh information, and the like.  On the other hand, phone calls should be done moderately.  Otherwise, the leads might get annoyed with the frequent calls which.  Sending them frequent emails could be enough for car dealers to remind them of their dealership.

If the prospects bought a car from other dealerships, car dealers should not forget to ask the car buyer why they did not choose to purchase from them.  This will help car dealers improve their approach and marketing strategies to future leads.  They should not be afraid to ask about what they did not like about the offers or services.  The lead’s feedback is essential for car dealers to evaluate how effective their marketing strategies and skills are.

Car dealers should remember that the first response to dealer leads establishes a good or a bad impression to them.  The response via email or the first phone call is the most crucial stage in establishing this.  On the first contact with the lead, it is ideal that car dealers aim to verify information first and get their preferences.  The purpose should not be to promote or sell immediately.  Potential car It also pays to be honest and true with the answers to their queries.  Car dealers should also be careful not to oversell when negotiating with the car buyer.  Most of them would love to talk with car dealers who are concerned about their needs and are willing to help

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