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How Email Marketing Can Keep an Automotive Sales Lead Alive

Posted on: March 12th, 2012 by credit

An automotive sales lead would sometimes contact a car dealer to enquire about the offers and the car models available.  Car dealers would certainly respond either via email or a phone call.  After the response, the car dealer would never hear anything from the automotive sales lead anymore.  They have no idea what has happened to the lead’s decision.  If a car dealer buys leads from a lead generation company like Approved Auto Leads, he or she can go back to the information provided by the lead company and contact the lead back.  However, this next step does not guarantee that a lead would turn into a sale after this.  Getting a lead’s decision would sometimes take time and would really require a car dealer’s patience.  However, this should never make them give up on a lead.  Unless the lead has not bought or declined yet, car dealers should not stop pursuing that potential sale.  One of the most effective ways to keep leads alive is by sending them frequent emails.

When writing an email to an automotive sales lead, car dealers should make it sincere and personal.  Sure, auto responders and CRMs can make a car dealer’s job a lot easier, but it will be better if the prospects would feel that they are communicating with a real person.  It is then ideal that whenever not needed, car dealers should do away with auto responders and email response templates.  Email marketing is a good way for car dealers to keep their leads interested in the dealership.  This can also convince them to buy from the dealership.  It is important that car dealers still nurture their leads even if they are confused and undecided because these leads can turn to other dealerships and buy from them instead anytime.

Car dealers can send newsletters and announcements to an automotive sales lead.  The newsletter should not just contain promotion for the dealership and its offers but also some interesting and helpful articles.  It should be both promotional and informative.  Car dealers should also moderate the frequency of sending such materials as the lead might get annoyed with the numerous emails flooding his or her inbox.  Aside from newsletters, car dealers can also send announcements of special offers, discounts, promos, events and new car models available at the lot to the leads.  These messages could be made personalized to sound like directly addressing the lead.  Sending these messages would make leads become more curious or curious again about the dealership’s offers.

Some leads just really take time before they decide.  When a car dealer do not give up on a lead and it eventually decided to buy a car, the car dealer do not lose the sale.


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