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How Do Car Dealers Acquire Car Dealership Leads?

Posted on: March 14th, 2012 by credit


Old methods of lead generation for car dealerships include mass-mediated techniques such as radio and television commercial ads, billboards, and jingles.  These techniques are no longer used by car dealers today as the online-based lead generation techniques have become more popular and have also been proven more effective.  Although finding leads have become quite less of a challenge for car dealers because of the new and easier ways of generating car dealership leads, car dealers still have to employ these techniques skillfully and effectively.

Attractive offers such as affiliate programs and incentives can attract more prospects.  Through affiliate programs, car dealers open their doors to people who want to partner with them.  The program invites anyone to earn extra income with the dealership by selling and promoting the dealership’s offers.  The affiliate does not have to be an existing client of the car dealer but should be capable and skillful in marketing the dealership.  The concept is almost the same with referral programs except the person in this program must be an existing client and would only recommend the dealership to his or her circle of influence.  Both programs are commission-based, which makes it attractive to car dealership leads.  Giving gifts or freebies as incentives could also convince prospects to take action in exchange for the item.

Lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads help car dealers acquire car dealership leads.  They practically take the entire lead generation tasks of car dealers including marketing efforts, lead sale, lead management and sometimes call center services.  Search engine optimization or SEO is also an effective means to acquire car dealership leads.  This is an Internet marketing strategy that aims to drive more traffic to the dealership website by improving its exposure in the search engine results.  SEO tasks may be tedious and time-consuming but they definitely generate leads for the dealership.  Lastly, car dealers can find leads in an aggressive and competitive environment such as the social media.  With social media, car dealers can reach out to billions of potential customers in a very short span of time.  SEO techniques are also applied in this platform.  Social networking sites like Facebook have strict policies on marketing practices but if car dealers would execute marketing strategies properly, they can successfully generate auto leads from these sites.

Other lead generation techniques that car dealers use to acquire a good number of leads are cold calling and email marketing.  These are now important to car dealers when pursuing leads.  All marketing strategies should be executed appropriately so car dealers can successfully generate leads with them.

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