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Are You Buying the Right Car Leads?

Posted on: March 6th, 2012 by credit

Car dealers can generate car leads in two ways.  They can do their own marketing efforts or buy leads from lead generation companies.  The latter is much easier for car dealers as they can focus more on turning leads into sales.  However, car dealers should make sure that they are buying the right kind of car leads in order to make more sales.  The keyword is quality.

When car dealers shop for leads, they should consider the conversion rate more than the price.  The price does not necessarily determine the quality of leads.  Car dealers should purchase leads with high conversion rate.  However, there are cheap leads with low conversion rate.  If a car dealer is more concerned about his or her budget, he or she would most probably buy this kind of leads.  However, he or she would eventually find out that he or she is not getting much from the cheap leads because they hardly convert into sales.  This would just make the car dealer buy more leads.  In effect, he or she is actually spending more even if the leads are low-priced.  On the other hand, there are expensive leads with high conversion rate.  Whether or not the car dealer is concerned about his or her budget, this is the best deal to take.  Although car dealers would be spending more to purchase such leads, they would eventually get their return on investments because most of the leads, if not all, convert into sales.  It is a good investment after all.

Car dealers would also know that they are buying quality car leads if they are delivered fast.  Why is it important that leads are delivered as quickly as possible?  Car dealers should understand that a potential car buyer would not apply in one option only.  Prospective car buyers would normally try other options as well.  It is then important for car dealers to get to their leads fast before their competitors do; otherwise, they will lose the sale.  Car dealers should make sure that the leads are delivered to them almost real time.  Moreover, if leads are not delivered quickly, they might lose their interest in the offer and just entertain other offers.  This is because car dealers will not be able to respond immediately to them since they received the leads late.  This is a loss to the car dealers.

Lastly, the right car leads are those which are screened and pre-approved before they are delivered to car dealers.  The process of screening the leads ensures the validity, eligibility, authenticity and qualification of the information and applications from the interested car buyers.  It would make things easier for the car dealers as they would not have to thoroughly validate or qualify the leads themselves.  If a lead generation company has an excellent screening system, it most likely generate quality leads.  Only quality leads help car dealers improve their sales and revenue.


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