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An Overview on Trigger Leads

Posted on: March 6th, 2012 by credit


There are several types of auto leads that a leads generation company can sell such as the standard auto leads, special finance leads and trigger leads.  The latter comes from those borrowers who just recently pulled out their credit scores from the credit bureaus.  This action itself is the “trigger” for car dealers to take advantage of this opportunity to make a sale.  So what if someone has pulled out his or her credit report?  This means that these are people who are about to take a car loan and purchase a car.  Car dealers should remember that obtaining the credit report is the first step in taking car loans.  However, car dealers should be really quick in getting to these leads.  They should keep in mind that these leads did not contact them and they may have contacted other dealers with which they had preliminary negotiations already.  Thus, car dealers should really be skillful in reaching out them real quick.

There are several reasons why these leads are beneficial to car dealers.  One is trigger leads are fresh because lead generation companies would usually deliver such leads which are 24 hours old at most.  These leads are also cheap.  Moreover, if car dealers have competitive and better offers than the other options of the lead, it is almost a guarantee that the lead will purchase from them.  However, dealing with these leads also have risks and consequences.  Most of the time, car dealers can only cold call theses leads.  This is because lead generation companies usually only provide the telephone number of the lead.  There is no email address or any contact information provided.  Thus, the ways to reach them are limited.  Also, they are not exclusive for long, so car dealers would have to work on them the soonest time possible.  Another disadvantage is the lead’s reaction to the car dealer’s call.  The lead might be puzzled on how the car dealer got his or her information and may even turn down the call because it is unsolicited and unexpected.  Trigger leads may also have signed a contract or even purchased a vehicle already.  Hence, car dealers can never be sure about where these leads are in their car purchase.

Buying such leads could be stressful yet exciting.  Car dealers should just understand the risks and consequences of purchasing trigger leads.  These leads both have high conversion and rejection rate.  As was already mentioned, car dealers can close the deal if their offers are competitive.  On the other hand, these leads might not be interested in entertaining unsolicited sales call.

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