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How to Get New Car Leads

Posted on: February 16th, 2012 by credit


Lead generation is less of a challenge now for car dealers.  They do not have to spend most of their time finding leads because lead companies like Approved Auto Leads can already do that for them.  What is more challenging now for car dealers is turning these new car leads into sales.  Although they are interested car buyers, most of them have several concerns that hold them back from making a firm decision.  Another challenge for car dealers is trying out various marketing techniques to make these potential car buyers say yes to their offers. How would a car dealer really close these deals when they seem hard to negotiate with?

Response is important in building a relationship with and establishing an impression to the prospect.  Car dealers should realize this: Interested car buyers themselves sent it their application because they found an offer interesting.  They would then be expecting a response to their query or application.  Thus, car dealers should not miss this opportunity to talk to them while they are still interested in the offer.  Prospective car buyers would love a quick response.  Car dealers can use auto-responders to respond to the leads quickly.  However, they themselves should make the response whenever they are available.

Communicating well with the prospective car buyers should also be a skill that car dealers should learn well.  Prospects would love to talk with a friendly, accommodating, kind and knowledgeable car dealer or sales representative.  Car dealers should then establish these traits at their first contact with the new car leads.  Even if it is through phone or email, they should be able to make the prospects feel that they are also after helping them and not just selling a car.  Potential car buyers would like to talk to someone who understands their concern and helps provide a solution for them.  To make that possible, car dealers should just verify all the information acquired–and not promote the offer– at their first response.  The goal of this first response is to get a feel of the prospect’s preferences.  Acquiring this information would make it easier for car dealers to customize an offer for him or her.

If new car leads asked for more time to decide, car dealers should just grant them the request.  However, this does not mean that they would be totally hands-off.  They can still be that helpful car dealer who is just concerned about their concerns and worries.  In this way, they can help by offering alternatives and other options.  If it is possible, they can also make necessary adjustments in their offers to accommodate the prospect.

Car dealers should never give up on new car leads unless they have already made a decision.  They should just be patient waiting for them to come up with a decision rather than leaving them immediately and losing a potential sale.

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