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Generating More Automotive Dealership Leads

Posted on: February 16th, 2012 by credit


Car dealers used to promote their dealerships and generate automotive dealership leads by utilizing traditional lead generation techniques.  Such techniques are radio and television commercial ads, billboard ads, jingles, telemarketing, referrals, trade shows, and the like.  These are considered obsolete by some contemporary car dealers now.  They perceive the new lead generation techniques as more convenient, time-saving and effective.  These techniques are usually online-based.  They can indeed generate more leads as the Internet can reach a vast array of potential sales.  This is also because the world wide web itself is a huge marketplace.  Car dealers can thrive in the automotive industry if they will employ the following Internet marketing strategies used in generating automotive dealership leads.

Email marketing is probably the oldest Internet marketing strategy.  Car dealers here would send the leads promotional newsletters, announcements on special offers and discounts, and useful information.  Car dealers before consider this as one of the most effective lead generation techniques.  They would just have to learn about the proper techniques in writing emails and written communication skills.  This is now often used as part of the follow up plan of the car dealers.  Sending emails to leads who are undecided yet will keep their interest in the offer.

The newer forms of Internet marketing strategy has made the automotive industry more competitive.  The basic concept that car dealers should learn is the search engine optimization or SEO.  This is the process of enhancing the exposure of a website in the world wide web to attract more visitors.  Websites sell if there are more people visiting them.  Just like other business websites, car dealers’ websites are also moving toward this goal.  If a car dealer’s website has more visitors, there is a higher probability of turning these visitors to automotive dealership leads and then into sales.  There are several SEO techniques that car dealers can do.

The most aggressive platform to execute SEO techniques is the social media.  Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter spread information like wildfire.  They also reach an extensive range of Internet surfers who are also potential sales.  However, car dealers should be familiar with the rules of the game as well as the policies.  These are most of the time strictly implemented.  Car dealers then should make sure that they are using these techniques appropriately and not abusively.  Otherwise, they would only generate bad automotive dealership leads because there is a tendency for these leads to have mistakenly signed up.

Car dealers can also opt to avail of the services of a lead company like Approved Auto Leads, which expertly does these techniques, to generate leads for them.  They should take advantage of the technology which now greatly impacts the automotive industry and also their potential success.

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