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Car Loan Leads Are You Getting Enough?

Posted on: February 5th, 2012 by credit

Car loan leads are obviously the most integral part in the automotive industry, which environment is becoming increasingly competitive.  They are the heart of the competition for which car dealers are willing to lower their interest rates than never before.  However, finding and closing auto leads have become difficult over time, until most car dealers deem their old ways of finding leads as obsolete.

Traditional lead generation techniques like email marketing, referrals, telemarketing, TV and radio commercial ads, billboards, and the like are considered ineffective advertising methods now in the automotive industry.  Nevertheless, some of these techniques can still prove effective like telemarketing and referrals in this modern world.

Telemarketing, also called as cold calling, is one of the most effective lead generation techniques.  There are still quite a number of car dealerships employing this marketing strategy.  The other traditional marketing strategy that still generates a good number of car loan leads is referrals.  This method involves an existing customer of the car dealer recommending the car dealership’s programs and offers to his or her friends, relatives, family, and the like.  If the lead is turned into a sale, the existing customer gets a certain fee or a sort of incentive called commission translated from a percentage from the amount of the sale.  This is still effective today as there are many people now looking for extra sources of income.

With all these traditional techniques which still prove effective in the automotive industry today, the question is, are the car dealers getting enough?  As was mentioned earlier, the automotive industry has been experiencing a tight competition among its members.  This implies that car dealers would want to have more leads or prospective car buyers than others do to ensure more sales.  Achieving this by merely doing the tedious work required by the traditional lead generation techniques is quite impossible.  There is a lot of catching up that every car dealer needs to do, but most of their time are spent on finding leads than closing them.

This dilemma was remedied by innovations on lead generation techniques.  The Internet was utilized and it revolutionized the way businesses in the automotive industry advertise their products and services and make transactions–easier and faster than before.  With this revolution, car dealers are now able to acquire more leads in an easier way and at a shorter period of time.

Some of the effective Internet marketing strategies employed by many car dealers are the search engine optimization or SEO through its different techniques, social media marketing, article writing, video marketing, and many more.

Today, many car dealers went online and built their business websites.  These websites now have become their vehicle to attract and capture car loan leads.  They employ SEO techniques to make this happen.  SEO is a process of enhancing the exposure and page ranking of the website to attract more visitors.  The goal is to make the website appear among the top search results.  More visitors means more potential sales.  This is really viable since many people now have access to the Internet and would sometimes opt to turn to it to look for cars and car loans.

Approved Auto Leads is likewise in the same boat as these car dealers employing such new techniques.  It knows what are the current trends and demands in the automotive industry that is why, for more than ten years, it has trained itself to providing its partners with quality leads through the use of these modern lead generation techniques.

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