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Buying Right Car Dealership Leads

Posted on: February 18th, 2012 by credit


The emergence of lead providers in the automotive industry has indeed made a positive impact on car dealerships and on the industry itself.  Lead companies like Approved Auto Leads have transformed the way car dealers do their jobs in their offices.  It has made lead generation easier and faster for them now.  However, this does not entirely mean that car dealers would always get the best out of these lead companies.  Car dealers would still have to be careful and wise when availing of their services.  One of the most important service lead companies provide is selling car dealership leads.  Car dealers should be critical with the leads they are purchasing.  Here are some important factors to consider.

The most obvious thing to consider is the price of the leads.  Just like taking auto loans, car dealers should also shop around for the best lead prices.  Which is wiser for car dealers to take: A lead sold cheaply but has low conversion rate or a lead that is more expensive but has higher conversion rate?  It is wise for car buyers to take the latter.  The purpose of car dealers taking services from a lead provider is to increase their sales.  Even if car dealers would have to spend more on leads with high conversion rate, it is a good investment for these leads are almost sure to turn into sales.  Moreover, exclusive leads are the ideal type of leads for car dealers to purchase.  However, they would cost more than non-exclusive deals.

Exclusivity of leads is also an important factor in buying car dealership leads.  Car dealers should make sure that the leads given to them are not sold to the competitors. Otherwise, it would just result in a very tight competition, defeating the purpose of getting help from lead providers.  This would also make cutting costs for advertisements useless.

Buying the right kind of car dealership leads would also mean picking the quality leads.  Car dealers can check for this by asking the lead provider about their screening process and lead generation techniques.  All leads that the lead provider obtains should undergo a screening process to verify if all information provided are authentic and if they are qualified.  This avoids sending car dealers bad leads.  Lead generation techniques also affect the quality of leads.  If these are not properly and appropriately executed, they would just produce bad leads who are not really serious about buying a car or who were just forced to submit an application.

Lastly, car dealers should consider how fast would the leads be delivered to them.  Leads should be delivered as soon as possible.  Otherwise, the interest of the leads in the dealership’s offer suffers.  There are many advantages for car dealers of having the leads at the soonest possible time.  Car dealers can close more car dealership leads in a day because they can work on it earlier.  They can also impress the prospect by responding quickly.

Car dealers should still put on their guard when dealing with lead providers.  They should make sure that the lead provider is efficient to serve its purpose of helping car dealers by working hand in hand with them.

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