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Automotive Leads that Really Help Car Dealers

Posted on: February 17th, 2012 by credit


Life for car dealers are indeed easier now than before as they can just rely on lead providers to obtain more leads.  They can just simply buy leads and get prospective car buyers in an instant.  However, car dealers should still be on the alert when enjoying this privilege.  Not all automotive leads that they get are really helpful to them and to their business.  These leads can sometimes be even the cause of problems and financial loss in their dealerships.  Here is a simple guideline for car dealers to evaluate helpful leads.

here are two types of leads namely, exclusive and non-exclusive.  To briefly explain, exclusive leads are only sold to one client while other clients benefit from a single lead in non-exclusive type of leads.  If car dealers want to make sure that they get really helpful leads, they should go for exclusive leads.  This may cost them a little bit more but they can enjoy monopolizing the deal.  There is still minimum competition, though, because car dealers would still have to compete with other lenders whom the lead might have contacted too.

Lead providers are also responsible for promoting a car dealerships’s promos, offers, and services.  They do this by utilizing different lead generation techniques.  Car dealers should understand this: Marketing strategies used affect the quality of leads that will be generated.  Internet marketing strategies, for example, are new and effective.  They can indeed generate automotive leads well.  However, if these techniques are abused or inappropriately used, they would not generate quality leads.  To put it concretely, if a lead provider abuses Internet ads, for example, to lure prospects into signing up, it will only generate leads that will not really convert into sales.  These leads were just deceived and are not really serious about buying a car.  So then, car dealers should ask their prospective lead provider about the various lead generation techniques they employ and how they do it.  Approved Auto Leads are experts in lead generation techniques.  It has proven for ten years that the leads they provide actually help their clients in increasing their sales.

Some lead providers also get leads form a third party.  Although this is really not a big deal, it can affect the quality of leads that will be sent to the car dealer if there is no quality control.  Car dealers should ask their provider about how do they know that they are indeed getting quality leads from the third party.  Nevertheless, car dealers can always opt not to allow such strategy.

Automotive leads that help car dealers have high conversion rate.  Car dealers should make sure that the leads they are purchasing are the ones that will most likely turn into sales.  However, they should be aware that leads with high conversion rate are costlier than those with low conversion rate. In any case, it is recommended for car dealers to go for leads that will most likely convert even if they cost them more.


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