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Online Marketing Techniques That Generate Dealer Leads

Posted on: February 29th, 2012 by credit


In the past, car dealers created leads through standard marketing.  They made use of television, radio, print media and billboards to get the attention of prospective car buyers.  Some dealers still use traditional advertising to find customers, but this method of generating dealer leads is not as effective as it was before.  This is because the Internet proved to be a better tool in reaching consumers.  To generate more leads, car dealerships must then learn to utilize the Web to their advantage so they can attract more car buyers.

There are several online marketing techniques that can help car dealerships increase their generated dealer leads

.  If car dealers make use of one or all of these techniques, they will surely double or triple the number of leads that they are currently generating.  These techniques are email marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click marketing and social media marketing.

Email marketing is one tried and tested technique that countless businesses use to boost sales.  In this specific type of marketing, businesses send their potential customers newsletters and other information about their newest products and services.  This strategy is guaranteed to not only expand the business’s client base but also to establish customer loyalty.  Car dealers that would use email marketing to generate more leads will find that this technique really is effective in encouraging prospective car buyers to ask questions and even register their information.

Another tried and tested marketing technique that would benefit car dealers hoping to get more dealer leads is search engine optimization.  Better known as SEO, this technique makes use of specific keywords to direct consumers to the website of a business.  Car dealers which would utilize SEO will make their websites rank high in search engine results and get the attention of more people.  The more people drawn to the site, the more leads there will be.  Meanwhile, pay per click marketing is similar to SEO in the sense that it involves targeted keywords. Also called as PPC, this marketing method can be applied immediately, enabling the dealer to attract leads almost immediately.

As for social media marketing, its effectiveness relies mostly on the popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  The aforementioned social platforms are used by countless people all over the world, making them the ideal tool to use when it comes to generating new leads.  Car dealerships can use one or both sites to connect with potential buyers and inform them of their latest products and services.

Car dealerships determined to increase the number of their leads can also opt to buy from online lead generation companies.  These companies can take over the responsibility of generating the leads so the car dealers need not do it.  Companies such as Approved Auto Leads generate quality and qualified leads and offer them to car dealerships.  All car dealers must choose a reputable and legitimate lead generation firm if they want to get not only more leads, but the best quality leads out there.


Generating Dealership Auto Leads

Posted on: February 29th, 2012 by credit


Dealership auto leads have often been considered as the life blood of auto dealers.  These leads have been regarded as such because they generate profit for the dealerships.  Even during tough economic times, these leads enable the dealers to reach—if not exceed—their monthly sales target, as well as maintain or improve their profit margins.  Any auto dealership that obtains high quality leads are sure to be successful in business and remain profitable despite the economic slump.

An auto dealer has more than one way to generate dealership leads.  Because there are many ways to generate such leads, auto dealers also have many ways of increasing their profits.  Most auto dealerships use standard marketing to create new leads.  This kind of marketing involves the posting or placing of advertisements in broadcast and print media: television, radio, newspapers, magazines and other publications.  Auto dealers can also advertise online by having text or banner advertisements in their affiliate sites.

While standard marketing has been proven to be effective in raising the profile of the brand and creating consumer awareness in the past, it has ceased to be effective in bringing customers to auto dealer showrooms.  Moreover, this method of lead generation can be quite costly for the auto dealer.  Thankfully, there are other lead generation methods that truly generate dealership leads but without the expense.

Auto dealerships looking to attract more customers can use referrals to make new leads.  All dealers have to do is speak with current or past customers and ask if there are other people who may be in need of their services.  Referrals can be very effective because the auto dealer can get a recommendation from an individual that a potential customer already knows and trusts.  Of course, for an auto dealer to be recommended to a prospect, it must have serviced the customer well.  No person would recommend an auto dealer to a friend or family member if that dealer does not offer excellent products and services.

Auto dealerships can also save a lot of money by not generating their own leads.  They can simply rent or purchase from Internet-based companies which generate the leads.  Lead generators based online can generate leads in a multitude of ways, then lease or sell them to the auto dealerships.  Buying or renting leads from online generators still involve the use of financial resources from the auto dealer, but doing so requires less money than standard marketing.  Moreover, the use of Internet auto leads is more effective in reaching potential customers and creating sales compared to broadcast or print advertising.

Approved Auto Leads is one of the lead generating companies that offers dealership leads to interested auto dealers.   The company’s client auto dealers only receive real time and exclusive leads, which help them have a greater probability of sales conversion.  This online company, which has been a top lead provider for more than a decade, can therefore guarantee a high return on investment to auto dealers with the leads they sell.

The Benefits Dealers Get From Obtaining Finance Auto Leads

Posted on: February 29th, 2012 by credit








Most people are aware that the reason auto dealerships obtain finance auto leads online is because these leads allow them the opportunity to earn more money.  With the considerable number of car buyers doing their shopping online, any auto dealer can easily reach potential customers with the help of finance auto lead generation.  In a time when the economy is weak, these leads also keep the dealerships in business.  However, increased revenue is not the only advantage of having such leads.  There are many other benefits in store for auto dealerships that invest in finance auto leads.


One benefit is reduced expenditure.  Auto dealerships still spend money when they rent or buy leads, but the amount they spend is significantly less than what they would usually spend for standard marketing.  Advertising through radio, television and print media often requires hundreds of thousands from an auto dealership.  Sadly, traditional advertising is no longer effective in getting the attention of prospective car buyers.  Hence, when dealers obtain leads, they pay less money and effectively reach their target market in the process.


A benefit related to the first one is access to real customers.  With traditional advertising, auto dealers promote to a wide but passive audience: the radio advertisements and TV commercials are seen by even those who have no intention to buy a car.  On the contrary, when dealers obtain finance auto leads, they specifically access their real customers.  Leads—the high quality ones, in particular—are not merely window-shoppers; they are serious shoppers ready to purchase when presented with the right car offer.  Hence, dealers need not waste time and money on people who would not be buying because the high quality leads let them know who their intended clientele is.  Leads with high quality can be purchased from reputable lead generators such as Approved Auto Leads.


Auto finance leads are also beneficial to auto dealerships because of the specific information contained in them.  Each lead contains particular details about a potential customer, including the name, address, and contact details.  Leads also include the vehicle preferences of the customer.  Hence, if an auto dealer has leads, it can serve the prospective car buyers better because it would know what to offer based on the information provided.  The dealer would be in the position to make an offer that a customer is most likely to take since it is what he or she wanted.


Lastly, obtaining Internet-generated leads also enables the dealers to go beyond their current sales territory and sell to customers who have probably never set foot in their showrooms.  Most people who do not shop in person do their shopping online, and online shopping allows these people to check out the best offers outside their place of residence.  Once these online shoppers become leads, the auto dealers get the chance to pursue buyers beyond their usual range.  Hence, the dealers get to make their business grow and expand thanks to their new customers, or the people who do not normally consider them as an option in shopping.

New Car Sales Leads – Capturing Leads with Engaging Content

Posted on: February 29th, 2012 by credit


Several car dealers now are doing away with radio and television ads, billboards, jingles, and other traditional marketing styles to promote their dealership.  Most have already learned the dynamics of Internet and the different marketing strategies they can employ involving it. As these new techniques proved to be effective in attracting prospective car buyers, automotive dealership marketing has been thriving ever since.  Here are some tips for car dealers in engaging new car sales leads through content.

The truth is, many people are not fond of reading long texts either in print or online.  This is perhaps due to this fast-paced world and the demand for urgency and instantaneity.  This implies that car dealers should maintain their contents in their websites to be short but substantial and interesting.

Before anything else, car dealers should be able to put up an appealing business website.  The website should be pleasing to the eyes, easy to navigate, and functional.  Some important contents that should be present are the contact details, company location, inventory, company profile, offers and promos, and some helpful articles.  Car dealers should keep in mind the things that a prospective car buyer would want to see in a car dealership’s website.  The website should also be as interactive as possible, especially the inventory page.

Car dealers should never forget to provide content about their expertise or the features of their offers that separate them from other car dealerships.  Most visitors would want to find out what is something special about a car dealership by looking at what they have to offer and guarantee their customers.  If they find these offers to be promising, they would consider the dealership as a prospect.

Aside from the website, car dealers can also put up a blog.  The blog can either be incorporated in the business website or put up separately.  It should contain helpful information which new car sales leads might be looking for.  This is where most of the content issues would come in.  A blog should naturally have fresh and new content all the time.  Obviously, it is an added workload for car dealers to always provide new content for the blog.  However, blogs are really helpful in driving traffic to the car dealer’s business website.  Moreover, the content should be informative, useful, genuine and consistent.

In another context, when car dealers answer queries via email, they should provide answers truthfully.  This is better than trying to please the prospect customer with flowery words and claims that are not true.  In the end, the car dealer might just lose the car sales lead.  Moreover, car dealers should also be careful when sending promotional materials to the leads.  Car dealers can send emails about special offers, promos, discounts, car models and the like.  They should just make sure that the contents sound believable and realistic.  It is better if these are written in a personal and sincere way than just in general promotional tone.  They should be sent in a certain manner as not to bombard leads.

How about Approved Auto Leads?  Approved Auto Leads understands the position of interested car buyers.  That is why, it has mastered on lead generation techniques including providing quality content that engages new car sales leads.  Car dealers can rely on Approved Auto Leads when it comes to that.

Things to Ask Automotive Lead Providers

Posted on: February 26th, 2012 by credit



Automotive lead providers are helpful to car dealers in hitting their revenue and sales target.    However, if lead providers are not efficient and competent, they will just cause trouble to car dealers.  Car dealers should then be critical when finding the best automotive lead provider to work with.  Here are some of the most important questions they should ask lead providers.

Car dealers should ask about the validation process of a lead provider for the information and applications they receive.  A lead provider should know how to validate the data they gather in order to ensure the authenticity of the information.  For example, if car dealers received leads which can not be contacted—either the information are bogus or the prospects are not real—the leads are useless because they would never convert into sales.  Automotive lead providers should have an effective system in checking the validity and authenticity of all the information they get.

Another thing to ask automotive lead providers is the lead generation or auto marketing techniques they use.  This also implies that car dealers should also have knowledge on various lead generation techniques and which are most effective.  They should also make sure that the lead providers carry out these techniques properly and legally, especially Internet marketing strategies where policies are strictly implemented.  If these are used abusively, lead providers would only generate leads which are only compelled or deceived to sign up.  These leads are not really interested car buyers and would not most likely convert into sales.

Other things that car dealers should ask automotive lead providers are about return policy, lead exclusivity and reselling, and the company’s years of experience in the industry.  A lead provider should have return policy in cases where car dealers receive leads with bad contact information.  A good lead provider would be willing to return the car dealer’s money for such leads.  Lead providers should also guarantee exclusivity of leads.  This means that the leads sold to a car dealers should not be sold to competitors or other non-competing third parties.  Car dealers should make sure that their lead provider does not resell the leads sold to them.  Otherwise, their prospects might call them up and complain about several promotional phone calls they receive and be puzzled on how others got their information.  Lastly, a lead provider is most likely credible and reliable if they have been in the industry for quite some time already.  However, this should not be the sole basis of a company’s efficiency.  Car dealers would still have to evaluate them further.

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