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When It Comes to Car Leads, Quality Counts

Posted on: January 9th, 2012 by credit



Because traditional marketing campaigns have ceased to be effective, car dealers resort to other ways to bring customers to their showrooms.  Radio and television advertising no longer sell vehicles, so car dealers are relying on car leads to make profits.  The dealers are buying the leads from online lead generators, which locate prospective buyers and obtain their contact information. 

Car leads are actually potential customers.  These individuals are in search of a car and financing to purchase the car.  They may have visited a number of dealerships in their search.  Lead generation companies use several techniques to find these potential car buyers and get important details such as name, address, contact number and car preference.  These firms usually have a network of car dealers and they utilize this to locate potential customers.  The aforementioned details about the customer are contained in a car lead, which is then given to the appropriate car dealer.  The leads to be sent to the car dealer depend on the dealer’s criteria as well as location. 

Car leads create sales for dealerships because these enable the sellers to access their desired market.  With leads, car dealers can directly contact the individual and provide an offer regarding the individual’s car of choice.  Because the only people being pursued are those who are truly interested to buy a vehicle, the dealer has higher chances to close a deal.  One may then assume that in order to sell more cars, car dealers simply have to increase their lead count.  To improve their profit margins, they only have to get more leads from a car lead generator.  However, this assumption is wrong.  When it comes to such leads, quality—not quantity—counts.

The quality of the car leads is always more important than its quantity.  If a car dealer wants a boost in sales, the number of the leads should not be the consideration.  It is better to have just 250 leads instead of a thousand, if all 250 leads result in sales.  Leads that have higher chances of sales conversion are those which are real time and exclusive: this means that the information provided to the car dealer are fresh and updated, and not provided to other dealers.  Leads that are old and recycled would not result  in a sale.  A car dealer also would not profit from auto leads that are given to other dealers because the competition may have already pursued the potential customer. 

Approved Auto Leads is a lead generation company that prides itself in providing only real time and exclusive leads to car dealers.  This is the reason why it is considered by many dealerships as a top car lead provider.  Hence, if a car dealer chooses to buy the leads from Approved Auto Leads, an increase in sales can already be expected.

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