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What are Trigger leads? how can they improve your monthly sales?

Posted on: January 23rd, 2012 by credit


Trigger leads have been available to dealerships across the United States for about 8 years now. What is a trigger lead? Well simply put a Trigger lead is a lead that is generated from Credit Reporting agencies when someone gets a credit report ran at any dealership.

This has become a leading way for dealerships to have the ability to contact customers that might be shopping at the dealership next door. You now have the ability to contact that customer that has just had their credit pulled and present them with a more attractive offer. These customers are normally open minded to a better deal and with the proper system in place you can see 5% closing rate on these leads. ¬†The average cost on a Trigger lead is less than $5.00 per lead and with that a dealer can expect to get all the required pre-printed forms and software needed to “print and stamp” their way to success. These leads do however require more attention and in most dealerships they have one person that is responsible for running this program.

With Trigger leads you can count on taking an additional 5% of your competors market, not to mention improving your monthly sales by 5% each month. Trigger leads are sold on a market exclusive basis only. Trigger leads are a great way to increase sales, move old age inventory, and increase your bottom line. Give Approved Auto leads a call for a free market evaluation of your market and what quantities of leads are available in your market.

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