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Trigger Leads 101

Posted on: January 16th, 2012 by credit


Those in the automotive industry know all about trigger leads.  Car dealers rely on this kind of lead, among many others, to reach out to customers and make a sale.  Leads are customers, but many car buyers have no idea about this specific kind of lead or how car dealerships use them to generate revenue.  In fact, some car buyers are clueless as to how some car dealers find out about their plans to purchase a car.  They are simply surprised when they get a call from an auto dealer they have not contacted.

How do prospective car buyers become trigger leads? An individual who applies for a loan almost automatically becomes a trigger lead.  Most people who buy a vehicle pay for it with an auto loan as opposed to cash.  There are only a select few who can afford to make the purchase by paying for the car price in full.  Besides, making the purchase through auto financing gives the car buyer flexibility. 

When an individual plans to buy a vehicle, he or she would apply for an auto loan.  Anytime an individual applies for a loan, the lender would pull or obtain his or her credit report from the credit bureau.  Once a lender pulls a copy of a borrower’s credit report, the credit bureau would include the borrower and his or her personal details in the auto trigger databank.  The credit bureau may sell the information to a third-party vendor, which would then sell the information to car dealerships.  This is how a potential car buyer becomes a trigger lead.  It must be noted that it is not illegal for credit bureaus to sell a loan applicant’s details to third-party vendors. 

Many car buyers are caught off guard when they become trigger leads.  They never realize that by simply applying for an auto loan, they immediately become a prospect of several auto dealerships.  A particular car buyer would apply for auto financing from a specific auto dealership.  Then, he or she will suddenly be contacted by many other dealerships which are all offering a vehicle and hoping to close a deal with the borrower.  The car buyer may have never contacted or considered any of these dealerships, so the fact that they know all about him or her will definitely come as a shock.  It is only then that the borrower will realize that he or she has become a trigger lead.

Auto dealerships greatly benefit from trigger lead marketing.  While dealers have to pay for the trigger leads they purchase, they do not spend a considerable sum to reach potential customers.  With these leads, they easily find the people who can take vehicles off their lots and bring them profits.  These leads are best purchased from an online company such as Approved Auto Leads.  This lead generator has been around for more than a decade, and has been a reliable provider of auto leads for many car dealers.  Hence, any auto dealer hoping to find more customers should purchase leads from Approved Auto Leads.

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