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Things to Consider When Buying New Car Leads

Posted on: January 14th, 2012 by credit


Lead generation companies like Approved Auto Loans have been thriving in the automotive marketing industry.  Their services are really helpful in generating more new car leads for car dealerships and in increasing their sales.  However, not all lead companies provide excellent service.  Some might not even be legitimate.  Not only do the company itself may have problems but also the leads that they sell.  Car dealers should be aware of this.  Thus, they should be wise in purchasing new car leads for their dealership.


One of the most important things to consider in buying car leads is the pricing.  When looking at the prices, car dealers should compare it against the conversion rate.  Conversion rate means the lead’s likeliness to be converted into a sale.  Leads which are priced cheaply looks good.  However, if they are sold at a low conversion rate, they are not worth purchasing at all.  The car dealer is just spending too much on useless leads.  It would be better if the leads are priced expensively but has a high conversion rate.

Next thing that car dealers should look at is the quality of the leads.  Most lead generation companies provide free leads so that their potential customers can test the quality of their leads and service prior to purchase.  Car dealers should take advantage of this to ensure the quality of the leads they are about to buy.  However, this may not be a reliable yardstick all the time.  Car dealers would have to double check the quality of leads by enquiring about the company’s lead generation techniques and systems.  Lead generation techniques are essential in being able to obtain quality leads.  These are marketing strategies and these have to be executed well and correctly.  Quality leads should have also undergone screening and filtering processes.  These are some of the important systems a car dealer should know about.  By evaluating all these, a car dealer can somehow be more sure that the lead company generates quality new car leads.

Other things that car dealers should consider when buying auto leads are the type of subscription, quantity of leads, and delivery schedule.  Car dealers should not forget to shop around and compare prices from different lead generation companies.  Approved Auto Leads can assure its clients that it only provides quality leads at the most competitive price.  Approved Auto Leads have been in the business of helping car dealers like you increase their revenues and it has been like that for years.

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