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Points to Remember When Purchasing Automotive Sales Leads

Posted on: January 5th, 2012 by credit

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Lead generation companies like Approved Auto Leads have been thriving in the automotive marketing industry.  It has been proven that these companies are indeed helpful in increasing the sales and revenues of car dealers and even lenders.  However, not all lead generation companies serve best as the car dealers’ partners in accomplishing their target sales.  Here are some things for car dealers and lenders to take note of before purchasing automotive sales leads from any lead companies.

First, car dealers should do a little research about their prospective lead companies.  One of the most important things to find out is the longevity of the company’s service in the industry.  This is a good yardstick of how successful and credible the company has been.  However, this may not be true in all cases.  Car dealers then should further check the legitimacy and reliability of the lead company by reading reviews, blogs or forum discussions.  These would allow them to learn from genuine opinions of those who have had an experience working with a particular lead generation company.  Another way car dealers can determine if the company is good is by checking on their verification and screening systems.  These are essential in a lead company.  It is unlikely for a lead company to generate quality leads if they have no efficient verification and screening systems.

Second, car dealers opting to purchase exclusive leads should make sure that they really are exclusive.  Automotive sales leads that will be sold to you should have never been sold to anyone else before.  Otherwise, those leads were used already and it loses the point for car dealers to work out a deal with such leads.

Third, the price of leads versus the lead company’s standard conversion rate should be weighed by the car dealers in purchasing car leads.  They should know what is a good pricing deal and which is not.  It is a good price if the leads sold at an expensive price has a high conversion rate.  On the contrary, if a lead is cheap but has low conversion rate, the car buyer is not paying a good price.  Lead generation companies are supposed to help its customers increase their revenues.  That is why car dealers should pay more attention to the conversion rate rather than the price.  It is not wise to buy cheap leads that would less likely turn into a sale.

Lastly, car dealers should ask a lot of questions to the lead company.  Some important things to ask about are return policy, lead generation techniques, pre-approval system and the like.  These are important details that could make or break the car dealer’s decision on whether or not to work with the company.

Approved Auto Leads have been providing its customers with quality automotive sales leads for more than 10 years.  Its partners have increased their revenues with the kind of service Approved Auto Leads have been showcasing.  It is time now for car dealers like you to boost up your sales with partners like us.

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