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How SEO can help you get more New Car Leads

Posted on: January 24th, 2012 by credit

S.E.O. gets new car leads


Search engine optimization or SEO is the most basic process in Internet marketing. It is designed to improve the exposure and visibility of a website in the world wide web.  SEO techniques are focused on making the website appear on the first page of search engine results.  If a car dealership’s website appears as one of the top results, it would attract more visitors or in SEO’s technical term, drive more traffic.  The more massive the traffic, the more the website would sell.

For car dealers to attract more and more car leads, they have to be more competitive by going with this trend.  They can start by building their own website.  Here are some important guidelines in creating a car dealership website.  The website should contain the most important pages such as Contact Us, Resources, Company Info, FAQ, and the Inventory page.  The website should be as easy to navigate as possible.  Car dealers might lose a new car lead if he or she found it hard to navigate their way around the website.  The inventory page should also be interactive and organized as this is going to be the page where most visitors would want to see.  This page must contain all the available car models and other services of the car dealership and should be comprehensive as much as possible.

Here are some effective SEO techniques car dealers can employ to direct traffic to their websites: link building, forum marketing, video marketing and social media marketing which will be discussed further later on. The quality of the content of the website is also important.  It should be engaging to a new car lead.  If the car dealer is keeping a blog for his or her business, he or she should blog about useful ideas, tips and other information that a new car lead might find interesting to read about.  The content for the blog should be regularly updated.  Visitors who would visit a car dealership blog for a second time would want to find new content.  Thus, car dealers should never fail to put up fresh and genuine content regularly.  Moreover, it is not good to fake this by putting substandard content on the blog or website.  Car dealers would not be able to keep prospective customers in this way. 

To optimize the blogs of car dealers, they can employ keyword search and use, an SEO technique.  This is done by doing a research on the most searched keywords relevant to the business.  These keywords should be used within the articles without sacrificing the quality of the content.

Car dealers should also consider penetrating social media like Facebok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the like.  These are effective platforms to reach a wide range of prospective car buyers and they spread information quickly.  This also gains car dealerships more exposure as there are many people who are on these sites.  Car dealers would just have to learn more about SEO techniques which are specifically designed for social media marketing.

Lead generation techniques are not easy tasks for car dealers to carry out along with closing deals.  The effect of SEO techniques does not also happen overnight.  It requires car dealers’ continuous effort.  Approved Auto Leads offers assistance in lead generation techniques which car dealers can avail along with the lead generation itself.

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