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Automotive Sales Lead Good Response and Communication so you can Close the Deal

Posted on: January 22nd, 2012 by credit

Approved Auto Leads is dedicated to provide its customers with quality leads–and it does so.  However, the last effort–and perhaps the most crucial–to turn these leads into sales will come from the car dealers themselves.  Therefore, they should know how to handle the leads handed to them by lead providers like Approved Auto Leads.

Car dealers should keep in mind that an automotive sales lead is an interested car buyer.  They are not like some random persons who a telemarketer would call up to find out if they are interested to buy a car or not.  Auto leads are interested car buyers because they have been actively looking for the best car dealership offer.  That is why they submitted their application to lead companies.  Hence, car dealers should not really waste these leads who are almost sure sales.  This is one of the reasons why car dealers should respond to them quickly.  Another reason is the leads’ divided attention.  Car dealers should be aware that interested car buyers would most likely, if not always, apply to many options.  If a car dealer is slow to respond to queries, other dealers, who could respond faster than him or her, would most likely get the sale.

To effectively respond to automotive sales leads aside from being fast, car dealers should also know how to communicate with them well.  If the query was sent via email, the car dealer should also answer by email.  There are software available now called auto responders which are capable of automatically sending an email response to a query.  This is an advantage especially if the car dealer is not at his or her desk.  However, some experts would recommend the auto responder to be turned off if the car dealer is available to respond to each lead.  This is better as the automotive sales lead would feel that he or she is really communicating with a real person and not just with some automated program which can not answer his or her questions.

When communicating with auto leads via email, car dealers should make sure that their contents are well-written.  Car dealers can send them newsletters, updates, special offers, promos, discounts and the like to keep them interested in the car dealership’s features and offers.  However, car dealers should be careful not to overdo this since prospects get turned off if they see that it is just all promotion.  The best way to balance this is by answering their queries truthfully and with genuine solutions.

Auto leads would sometimes make a phone call to the dealership’s office.  At the first call, car dealers should build the impression of being there to help out and not just to sell.  This is an effective way of winning an automotive sales lead.  The goal of the call should be to find out the lead’s preferences and concerns rather than turning him or her into an immediate sale, which does not happen most of the time.  The car dealer should also make sure that before the conversation ends, they were able to set an appointment with the lead to further talk about the details of the offer.

Car dealers should be as dedicated as Approved Auto Leads in making sales.  Hence, they should practice the craft of doing follow-up calls and emails.  The key is to never give up on them until they make a decision.

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