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Why Auto Dealers Choose to Buy Leads

Posted on: January 29th, 2012 by credit

Buying auto leads enable auto dealerships to make sales and increase profits.  Auto leads contain relevant details about a prospective car buyer such as the name, address and contact details.  Hence, these leads make it very easy for dealers to contact a potential customer.  If the auto dealer pursues the lead and makes the right offer, a sale can be had.

Auto dealerships that rely on auto leads to make sales spend a significant amount of money when purchasing leads from auto lead generators.  The expense of buying leads is certainly less than the cost of traditional marketing such as radio and television advertising, but the purchase of leads still require a hefty sum from auto dealers.  It must be noted that auto dealerships actually have the option not to buy the leads because these can be rented.  They can spend less money on leads by renting instead of buying.  One may be inclined to ask, “Why do auto dealers buy leads when they can just rent?”

Without a doubt, renting auto leads would be cheaper for any auto dealership.  They can save a lot of money by just paying a sum for the temporary use of an auto lead, or the temporary access to a potential customer’s details.  However, while renting leads present the opportunity to save money, it can also deprive an auto dealer of the opportunity to make more money.  Renting means there are others with access to the leads.  If others have access to the leads, this means that the chances of sales conversion for the auto dealer that rented the leads will be reduced.  Indeed, by renting leads, auto dealers have less chances of making a sale and generating revenue.

On the other hand, it would be very beneficial for any auto dealer to buy leads.  When an auto dealer buys auto leads, it is investing its money on something that can bring forth much profit.  However, the leads that an auto dealer must purchase should be the exclusive variety.  Non-exclusive leads are also accessed by other dealerships, and the tight competition would work against the auto dealer’s goal to make a sale.  Exclusive leads are not accessible by others, and if purchased, only the auto dealer that purchased them can pursue the lead.

While it would be more expensive to buy leads rather than rent them, the money to be spent on them would be spent well.  This is because leads (the exclusive leads specifically) can increase the auto dealer’s return on investment.  Exclusive leads have higher chances of sales conversion, mostly because there is no competition to worry about.  The auto dealer is free to pursue to lead,  make an offer and hopefully close the deal.

Auto dealers that are interested to buy leads can do so from Approved Auto Leads.  The lead generating company has been a top provider of exclusive auto leads, and has served many auto dealerships in the past ten years.  Indeed, auto dealers looking to purchase leads to improve their profit margin need not look further than  Approved Auto Leads for what they need.

Automotive Lead Management

Posted on: January 29th, 2012 by credit

Automotive lead generation companies have been a great help for car dealers nowadays in increasing their sales and income.  However, if there has been no significant change in the revenues, car dealers should not put all the blame on the lead providers.  Achieving an increase in sales is a two-part process.  First is by a quality auto lead provider that a car dealer should select wisely and the second one is by the car dealers themselves in employing an excellent automotive lead management system.  If both of these work well together, car dealers can guarantee themselves a sure increase in their revenues. The problem is, many car dealers do not know how to rightly manage the leads they acquire.  This is one of the most important things car dealers should learn to ensure revenue growth.  Here are some of practical ways to effectively manage automotive leads.

Car dealers should be organized in compiling and listing the leads.  They can put all leads in a spreadsheet, like in Excel.  In this way, keeping records is easier and orderly.  Car sales representatives would not also have a hard time sorting out the lists and finding names, contact details and other information.  They would also be able to keep track f the status of each lead. Car sales representatives will also be able to avoid repeats.

Another automotive lead management technique that car dealers should learn is communicating with the leads immediately.  Upon acquisition, car dealers should make a call to the leads immediately or make a response in some other ways because these prospective customers are just waiting for replies to their enquiry.  Some car dealerships employ auto responders and other software to automatically and immediately respond to the enquiries even if the car dealers are not in their offices.

Speaking of auto-responders, it is also good that car dealers like you utilize some modern automotive lead management techniques.  An auto responder is a program or software that automatically responds to emails.  It is an effective tool, especially in email marketing, in attracting leads and sending follow-up messages.  In the automotive industry, the main benefit of auto responders is perhaps maintaining the interest of the prospective car buyers.  These leads were interested with the offer that is why they dropped their information in.  And as mentioned earlier, they are just waiting for someone to take heed to their queries.  An immediate reply would not let the interest of these leads go spoiled.  Auto responders would surely do this job well for car dealers.

Another modern technique of automotive lead management is using customer relationship management or CRM software.  CRMs basically do a large part of the car dealer’s tasks.  It can sort information, collect leads, create prospective customers profiles with their preferences, improves customer service, and many more.

Managing auto leads is not an easy process and system to maintain.  Car dealers would really have to be creative and diverse when looking for better ways in managing leads.  Approved Auto Leads provides quality leads to their customers and it would not want those leads go wasted just because of poor auto lead management system.  Having an excellent one is indeed the key to turn hot leads from Approved Auto Leads into sure sales.

Automotive Lead Providers Online

Posted on: January 29th, 2012 by credit

We have the KEY to your Success


Automotive lead generation is not a new development.  It has been done for years, but it is only recently that auto dealerships are optimizing it to help them create sales.  The help of automotive lead providers are most crucial at this time since there are not a lot of customers walking into auto dealerships.  The recession had significantly affected the business of auto dealers, and they require the assistance of the auto lead generation companies to continue making profits.  Almost all auto dealers buy automotive leads and make use of them to find potential customers and make them an offer.  However, there are probably still a few out there which are not getting leads and are therefore being deprived of the opportunity to generate more revenue.  If a particular auto dealer decides to finally utilize auto lead generation for the business, the first thing that must be done is to find an auto lead provider that will supply the leads.  When it comes to finding automotive lead providers, the Internet is the best place to go.

Any dealer interested to rent or buy auto leads should go online because most of the automotive lead providers can be found on the Internet.  Many auto lead generating companies can be found online for a reason—simply, they utilize the Internet to find the leads.  It is a fact that countless individuals all over the world use the Internet everyday.  They go online to do many things, including shopping for products and services that they need.  If they need something, they make use of a search engine and type in what it is they are looking for.  Indeed, there are many potential customers online, including those who are in search of a car or any other vehicle.  What the online auto lead providers do is find a way to reach these customers and and get their information.

While the Internet makes finding prospective car buyers easier for auto lead providers, locating the potential customers cannot be done simply with the use of search engines.  Auto lead generating companies utilize a specific set of techniques and tools to reach out to the car buyers and acquire their details.  Tools that many auto lead generators use include lead capture pages and the auto-responder.  Of course, the websites of the lead providers themselves are used to gather information.  Generally, the auto lead providers do the search for prospective buyers, but sometimes the buyers approach them directly.  There are buyers who supply their details to the lead generator to make the process of shopping for a vehicle easier and more convenient.  Once the lead provider passes the information to the auto dealers, the buyer need not do anything but wait for the offers to arrive.

The Internet may be home to countless automotive lead providers, but not all of them can be of utmost help to the auto dealer.  Auto dealers must choose the lead provider wisely if they truly want to gain more profit from auto leads.  The auto lead provider that can be of most help to the auto dealer is that which sells only real time and exclusive leads.  This is because these leads have the best chances of sales conversion.  One auto lead provider that sells such leads is Approved Auto Leads, and the company can definitely guarantee sales for any dealer that buys its leads.

Marketing Auto Dealerships Lead Generation

Posted on: January 25th, 2012 by credit

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Lead generation is the process of attracting and capturing the interest of potential customers.  The techniques used in this process are usually applied as Internet marketing strategies.  Lead generation has become popular in the automotive industry especially when the Internet started to take its position in the niche.  Car dealers now perceive the new techniques as more effective than the conventional lead generation techniques.

Lead generation in marketing auto dealerships can be done by either the car dealers themselves or by a third party lead provider.  Both can employ Internet marketing strategies.  However, there are advantages and disadvantages of one over the other.

If car dealers would do the lead generation themselves, they have to learn the various techniques of Internet lead generation and how to properly and effectively execute them.  The most basic Internet marketing strategy is the search engine optimization or SEO which can be done using various techniques.  SEO is the process of enhancing the exposure of a website in the world wide web, making it appear among the top search results in search engines.  Its main goal is to make the website drive more traffic for increased profitability.  SEO techniques include website creation, article marketing, blog marketing, video marketing, link building, directory listing, forum marketing, keyword use, social media marketing, and many more.  Car dealers should study how these techniques work as well as the rules of the game.

Internet marketing efforts for marketing auto dealerships start with building an appealing and functional business website.  This should contain necessary information like the company profile, contact details, office location, details about the offers, inventory, frequently asked questions, and some helpful information for car buyers.  The website should be an instant converter of visitors to customers.  Car dealers should make sure that the website is simple, user friendly, and interactive.

Car dealers can then build links in other places to direct more traffic to the website.  They can have their website listed in different directories online.  They can also participate in forums and blogs where they can subtly promote their site by posting helpful comments.  However, this technique requires tact and diligence.  Car dealers should also research on the most searched keywords in search engines.  These are the keywords they should use in writing content for their website.

On the other hand, lead providers are generally great help for car dealers in marketing auto dealerships.  They minimize the work load of the car dealers especially in Internet marketing strategies and the lead generation itself.  Car dealers would just have to buy the leads from the lead provider.  In this way, they can focus more on closing deals than putting much effort on working  SEO techniques which require regular attention and maintenance.

Approved Auto Leads is likewise that helpful to car dealers.  It not only lessens the car dealer’s heavy load but it boosts up its revenue by making sure that it employs the most effective strategies to attract potential customers.  For more than ten years, Approved Auto Leads has only been generating quality leads–nothing more, nothing less.

Finance Leads Are Traditional Lead Generation Techniques Still Effective?

Posted on: January 25th, 2012 by credit

Finance Leads Equal Money TREE

 Most car dealers now perceive traditional lead generation techniques as obsolete because they do not seem to be working anymore in today’s modern world.  There is actually a new trend now of automotive marketing that just makes the competition in the industry tighter, more exciting and more challenging.  This is the rise of the Internet marketing strategies which did not only prove itself more competitive in the automotive industry but in other industries as well.  These strategies do not only make it easier for car dealers to find finance leads, they also help them to close make more sales.  However, would car dealers really do away with the more established traditional automotive marketing strategies?  Are they really that inefficient nowadays?  Here is a recap of those techniques that have proven themselves effective before Internet came into the picture.


The most common conventional automotive marketing strategies are referrals, cold calling, and the use of mass media.  Car dealers would create a referral program for their existing customers.  The program works like this: If the existing car buyer recommend the car dealership to his or her friends, family, relatives, and to others who belong in his or her circle of influence, and that person turned into a sale, the existing car buyer would get a commission.  This is an effective lead generation technique because car dealers are able to get help in finding auto finance leads without paying for extra manpower.  They just give their existing customers a form of an incentive called commission.  Surely, the dealer’s customers are encourage to take this extra work for the extra income in exchange.


The second technique is cold calling.  This is simply telemarketing.  This is also one of the most effective ways of generating finance leads.  However, this requires car dealers to be skillful in sales and communication.  They should be able to ask the right questions, answer smartly and truthfully, sound friendly and helpful, and many others.  However, sales representatives often encounter turn downs in this technique.  This usually happens because these are random calls.  There may be leads who are not really interested in buying a car.  Nevertheless, with ample training and skills, car dealers and their sales representatives are able to maximize the technique and generate more leads.


The third technique is the use of mass media.  Car dealers would often use television and radio commercial ads, billboards and even jingles to capture finance leads.  These media are effective as they capture a wide range of attention.  This means that the message gets through to many receivers.  However, people often remember the ad itself rather than the offer of the dealership and even the name of the car dealership.  The advantage of this, though. is the promo and the brand itself that is, the car dealership’s name, gets popularized.


All lead generation techniques–traditional and contemporary–should be considered by car dealers as means for possible increased profitability.  The key is using all these strategies rightly, appropriately and skillfully.  Car dealers can seek assistance from Approved Auto Leads for automotive lead marketing which employs both traditional and new techniques to ensure sales and revenue growth.

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