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How to Generate More Auto Dealer Leads

Posted on: December 30th, 2011 by credit


Car dealers now are becoming more and more competitive as they discover new ways of reaching out to prospective car buyers.  However, they cannot try all lead generation techniques just to find out which technique generates more leads.  Here are some effective lead generation techniques that car dealers can employ to effectively generate auto leads.

There may be car dealers who still employ telemarketing–a conventional and proven effective marketing strategy–in generating auto dealer leads.  Telemarketing, also called cold calling, is simply done by calling up each prospective buyer in a list to promote the product or service.  The advantage of this technique is the salesperson is able to easily and clearly explain the product or service.  Unfortunately, prospective car buyers would often ignore such calls and would refuse to interact with the salesperson.  This is because the calls are unsolicited and not all contacts are interested in buying a car.

Another effective lead generation technique is making referrals.  Car dealers that use this technique create a referral program where their customers can get a certain percentage from the car dealer’s sales, which is also called a commission, if the sale came from an auto dealer lead that they referred to the car dealer.  This is effective and also advantageous for car dealers as they would not have to exert too much effort in generating auto dealer leads.

However, the automotive industry has deemed these conventional lead generation techniques as obsolete and ineffective.  There are new ways now to generate more leads which have become popular among car dealers and lenders.

One of the new lead generation techniques that is popular among car dealers is search engine optimization or SEO.  This enhances the exposure and ranking of the car dealer’s website in the Internet.  This can be done by utilizing different Internet marketing strategies like blog marketing, social media marketing and the like.  The Internet is indeed an effective tool to widely spread any information.  This is why lead generation techniques with the use of the Internet is effective and has become popular.

Another contemporary lead generation technique which requires less effort from the car dealers is the use of the services of a lead generation company.  These companies find leads for their clients and they also take care of promoting their client’s services and products on the Internet.  Car dealers would just have to buy auto dealer leads from these lead generation companies.

Approved Auto Leads has been a credible lead generation company for over ten years already.  Ever since it was established, it has already dedicated itself to help its partners increase their revenues.  In fact, there have been a lot of satisfied customers for the past ten years.  Approved Auto Leads promises to provide their clients with quality auto dealer leads–those that would surely turn into sales.

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