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How Lead Companies Help Dealers Increase Their Profit

Posted on: December 15th, 2011 by credit

 Auto dealer leads companies make use of one of newest marketing strategies in the automotive industry which greatly increases a dealer’s profits.  These companies have a seemingly simple task of collecting leads, or prospective customers of an auto loan, and then selling them to their clients who are mostly car dealers.  However, only the best lead companies can help car dealers increase their profit margin.


The question is, how would car dealers know which lead companies are the best?  A good auto lead company only provides its customers with quality leads.  Quality here means leads that are most likely to purchase a car and not just a stuffer.  Car dealers would not surely want to waste time calling up each applicant on the list only to find out that only less than half of them are determined to purchase a car.  Thus, car dealers should evaluate a lead company before working with them.  Here are some of the characteristics they should be looking for in an auto lead company.


Generally, auto lead companies which have been existing in the industry for quite some time already are considered reliable and credible.  However, this may not always be the case.  Car dealers should still do more research about the company and the people running it.  They can also ask around for recommendations or read forums online.


As mentioned earlier, a good auto lead company provides only quality auto dealer leads .  Quality leads are fresh and pre-approved.  By being fresh means that the applications were just recently filed and calling them up for a car purchase is still viable.  On the contrary, leads that are outdated are already useless.  Therefore, there is no point for auto lead companies to include them in their client’s order.  Anyway, quality leads are already pre-approved.  This means that they have undergone a pre-approval system where all the information provided are assessed.  The company then would match the qualifications with the criteria of their clients.


Good auto lead companies also make sure that the auto dealer leads they sell to a client is strictly exclusive to that particular client.  They should not sell it to that client’s competitors as well.  Otherwise, it would be hard for car dealers to win the lead because their competitors also have the same leads as they have.


Approved Auto Loans has all three qualities which the company takes pride in.  Approved Auto Loans has been around for ten years already and they still showcase exceptional credibility and provide quality leads.

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