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Closing Auto Dealer Leads

Posted on: December 3rd, 2011 by credit
Closing Auto Dealer Leads

Closing Auto Dealer Leads

The competition in the automotive industry has been getting tighter especially with the new concepts of marketing.  The dealers are likewise becoming more competitive by making every effort to close as much deals as possible.  How would a car dealer successfully close a deal amid such niche?

Firstly, a car dealer must know how to generate quality auto dealer leads.  This can be done in many ways, but the newest and fastest technique is through Internet marketing strategies.  Internet marketing has become an effective strategy in marketing for almost all industries.  Some strategies that have been helpful in the automotive industry are search engine optimization or SEO, email marketing and social media marketing.

SEO is making the website’s rank high in search engines like Google and Yahoo!.  This means that the website appears on the first page of the search results.  With this, the website can attract more visitors.  This can be achieved by putting up quality and genuine content in the car dealer’s website and blogs using the right keywords that car buyers would mostly search for.  Another strategy is email marketing where prospect buyers are sent newsletters and other materials containing offers and promos of the company.  Although these may be detected as spam, email marketing can incite recipients to take action by enquiring, signing up and the like. Social media marketing has also been an effective way of generating auto dealer leads. It quickly spreads information reaching a multitude of prospect buyers.  Car dealers can create a fan page with all the information and details about their company and offers.

Secondly, car dealers should be professional in negotiating with the leads. Interaction and relationship are important.  Car dealers should work nicely with the leads and be able to build a relationship with them.  Prospect buyers are more comfortable talking to dealers who appear friendly and nice.  One way of doing this is by deviating the conversation from business only topics.  It is okay to talk about things outside business.

Thirdly and lastly, car dealers should understand auto dealer leads.  They should be sensitive to what the lead might be thinking.  This can be done by attentively listening to what he or she says and observing his or her body language.  It is important to take time extracting all possible helpful information from the lead.  From there, car dealers can already have something in mind about which type of offer and car they should suggest to the buyer.  Some buyers would not decide right there and then and would have to ask some time to think about the offer.  Car dealers should not worry about losing them.  While waiting for their decision, dealers should continue to be friendly and accommodating.  Car dealers should not give up on them because the fact is, they need a car and they will surely buy one.

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