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What are internet leads? Do they increase a dealerships bottom line?
Millions of people use the internet on a daily basis. Some to download music, watch videos or do online shopping. Whatever reason a person may have in using the Internet, it can be assured that he or she allots much time in doing so. Read More

Lead Generation Companies Assist Dealers with Used Car Sales
Interested car buyers can be divided into two categories: new car buyers and used car buyers. Due to the pressing state of the economy, most buyers make use of the budget available and opt for used cars. Used cars may not be in the same condition as brand new ones Read More


Working on New Car Leads
Car dealers who are planning on buying new car leads should have a workable plan beforehand about handling and managing auto leads. Today, obtaining leads is just an easy endeavor for car dealers because of the lead generation companies providing their Read More


Finding Sub Prime Auto Leads
Almost everyone desires to have a car of their own, but not all get the opportunity to buy one. This is mostly because some people are unable to take out an auto loan. Many people have experienced having their loan applications denied because of their credit. Read More


How Credit-Challenged Consumers Can Benefit from Being Subprime Auto Leads
Many people do not appreciate being an auto lead. There are many prospective car buyers who find themselves being pursued by auto dealers or lenders whom they have never contacted. They wonder how the dealers or the lenders even got their personal Read More

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